Well, we definitely had snow.  About 8 or 9″ where I am, and lots of wind to blow it around.  Everything pretty much closed down on Thursday, including the bank where I work.  I gave myself a real day off by not scheduling a bunch of chores for a change.  My main focus was to catch up on the blogs I follow on Bloglovin, and rest.

As far as housework or cleaning, all I did today was unload, reload and run the dishwasher.  A friend’s baby turns one on Tuesday, and her party was today so that took most of the day up between getting ready, getting there and the party itself.

Tomorrow, I have laundry and cleaning on deck, or at least as much as I can get done.  I hurt my back and ribs in a fall the Saturday before Christmas, and it’s still recovering.  Shoveling 9 or 10 inches of snow Friday morning didn’t exactly help either!  But I’ll take it easy and get as much as I can done.

What did you do today?