I set monthly goals.  All last year, I set monthly goals that I knew, in the back of my mind, I would not reach.  It was a pointless exercise, and only made me feel like I wasn’t achieving anything.  This year, I decided I would still make a list of 3-5 monthly goals, but I would think the through very carefully to be sure they were within the realm of possibility.

I’m not talking about making them so easy that I can’t help but do them.  Something like “Go to work every weekday” is not a goal because I already do that.  I just mean instead of “Clean the whole house” or “Save $1000” I’ve made the goals smaller.  More reachable.  And I’m keeping in mind that even if I don’t reach some of them, making progress toward them is still valuable.

So with that in mind, here are my goals for January and my progress toward them.

January Goals

  1. Save $250 toward my goal – DONE!
  2. Pay off my daughter’s braces – In process
  3. New tires for my car – DONE!
  4. Go out 2x without kids. Like a grownup.  With other grownups.  – In process
  5. Blog post 2x – DONE!
  6. Make an Amazon Affiliate sale – not yet, but I haven’t posted many links. Feel free to click on any of the ones below to help me reach this one! (Kidding.  Sort of. But not really.) I saved my favorite planner for last.

So there you have it.  My not-too-ambitious-but-still-a-stretch goal list.

Books on Goalsetting and some of my favorite planners:

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