The second day of January brought with it a confusing first day back at school and work due to some broken down high school buses, but other than a late start it all worked out fine.

I created and organized my weekly spread in my bullet journal that morning, and added a daily page to keep track of my “to do’s” for after work.

Sunday and Monday I caught up on all of the laundry that had been somewhat neglected over the holidays, from washing and drying all the way to putting it all away. I began the Declutter Challenge by cleaning up the kitchen floor and sweeping it. That’s not decluttering strictly speaking, but it needed to be done.

I had planned to continue decluttering the first floor yesterday but after work and grocery shopping, cooking dinner and getting my youngest to take her shower and get ready for bed, I was ready for bed myself. I’m trying to get more sleep, so that comes before cleaning. I moved that chore to tonight, but a headache has made just the normal nightly routine enough..

We’re expecting a major snowstorm tomorrow so schools are closed. I’m not sure about work, but I wouldn’t mind a day off!

Have any of you signed up for the Challenge? If not, and you’d like to, just click here. This is not an affiliate link, I just really like Clean Mama’s site!