My name is Lara.  I live in the Northeast in an old farmhouse built in 1900.  It’s red with white trim.  There is a front porch from the front door to one end of the house.  We have a good-sized yard, but not huge.  It’s about 1/4 acre.


I have three children, all of whom currently live at home.  My son is 20, and my daughters are 17 and 9.  We have a shepherd mix (???), two cats that we’ve owned since they were born (Thumbs and Willow — we owned their mother too), and a white mouse (Mousie) who actually belongs to my 9-year-old.


Our house has three floors.  The first floor has the kitchen, living/family room, dining room, my son’s bedroom and a full bath.  The second floor has three bedrooms, a playroom and a second full bath.  The third floor is half attic, and half my office, which is still in progress.

There is also an in-law apartment downstairs in what was once the basement, where my mother lives.


I am a single mom, divorced once, and widowed once. I never expected to be a widow in my 40’s, but here we are.  I work full-time at a bank in Branch Administration and Marketing.